Smartcool’s proven energy saving ESMTM is helping supermarkets, data centres, telecom facilities, cold storage warehouses and commercial buildings profit from significant energy cost savings, enhanced ‘green’ credentials, and a unique competitive advantage.

The ESM™ is compatible with most air conditioning or refrigeration systems, including large chillers and rack systems and is available
in two separate configurations:

  • The Systems Interface Module (SIM) which is compatible with most HVAC/R systems with up to 8 stages of control, and
  • The Intelligent Interface Module (IIM) which is compatible with large chillers and complex refrigeration systems.

Either module connects directly to a Network Controller, which can have up 4 SIMs or 2 IIMs in series. The SIM and IIM are interchangeable to make the ESM a highly versatile device.

Forecasted energy reductions per system


Chiller and freezer units


(+/- 15%)

Air Conditioning

packaged units


(+/- 15%)

Air Conditioning

Chilled water systems


(+/- 15%)

Flexible options…

System is modular, each site requires inspection and quote.

We can provide a customised lease proposal.

We can provide a customised solution to suits your needs.

There are grants available for energy efficiency gains:

Northern Territory – up to 50% of the cost for efficiency improvements – maximum of $20,000.

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South Australia – up to 50% of the cost for efficiency improvements – maximum of $10,000.

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We have access to a specialist lender that is experienced with energy efficiency installations.

3 and 5 years terms options can be geared to provide a cashflow positive position from day 1, plus you may be eligible for a government grant.

This is not a simple time clock, it is an intelligent optimisation with the ability to react and adapt its control, reactive to system performance, ensuring savings are achieved through seasonal change, system load and mechanical performance changes or alterations. Depending on the installation process and client goals the Smartcool™ unit also has the intelligence to know when there is a scenario where your system need full control and when there is no opportunity to provide savings, this may be in full load conditions or a possible mechanical issue.

The Smartcool™ unit can pause its optimisation function and allow the incumbent control system to operate the unit to achieve the desired conditions, once conditions are achieved the Smartcool™ unit can again start learning the operation and optimise the unit control accordingly. By having this intelligence integrated within the Smartcool™ unit, should for whatever reason there be an issue with the Smartcool™ unit, it will fail safe or isolate itself from the control loop and allow the system to operate with no Smartcool™ influence what so ever.

Chris Rogerson