We had Jay and Brodie install Cellar control in our cool room in November 2016.

We were one of the first in the area to give it a go and have since found it to be a great move for our business. Going from weekly cleans to now every 8 weeks we are saving an average of $1,500 per month by having the system installed whilst ensuring premium beer being poured!

The time saving for us is massive. It takes a while to clean all 40 different lines!!

We have an ever-changing range of craft beers on tap so the system needed to perform as it claimed in order for it to be a success and it has proven to do so.

It’s reassuring to know the beer comes out as good as the brewers intended.

Nobody wants to be the bar that has dirty lines.

I recommend the system without hesitation.

Laurence Van Dam, The Beer Spot

After nearly 30 years in the Beverage and Hospitality industry I have experienced and managed through many changes. Starting from the early days of the under the bar Temprite Beer System to where we are now, and in my opinion probably the most innovative in recent years being the introduction of the GLYCOOL solution.

Clearly the Glycool introduction has benefited bars in many ways, but the 2 primary benefits are maintaining the temperature from the cellar to the tap and being able to pour a beer with no wastage in quiet times. Off course with less wastage, this in return put money back in the pockets of the Hotels and Clubs, so in those early years nearly all major venues invested and switched to Glycool.

“However I believe times have changed again”

With more Craft Beers on tap now, the importance of maintaining clean beer lines has never been more of a priority then what it is today, Inhibit the growth of bioifilm within beer lines. These organisms collect on tube surface, known as a bio-film, and are resistant to many commercial cleaners, resulting in a build-up of bacteria at a level that damages the product.

Hunter Technologies has been in the industry for over for 10 years , it wasn’t until I partnered in a beer line cleaning company namely “The Beerline Cleaning Co” that I started using “Cellar Control”. The results were amazing. So amazing in fact, I immediately teed up a meeting with Carl and his team, and now “The Beerline Cleaning Co” collectively offers the ultimate cleaning solution to the market place.

I am 100% confident that when using Cellar Control combined with my non hazardous, enviromentaly friendly, safe for staff to use Maxi Enzyme Cleaner,we have moved away from traditional Alcoline beer line cleaners. Currently beer line cleans can vary from weekly to monthly with varying results, we offer a 6 weekly cleaning cycle using new technology but still delivering a beer quality that customers expect.

Its without doubt all venues should be investing in this technology – I did!

Matt Webster, The Beer Line Cleaning Company

I have been in the Beer industry for many years. Over this time we have seen many advancements and technical improvements. For the last 18 months I have been looking closely into the use of Ultra Sonic methods to keep Beer lines cleaner for longer.

The “CellarControl“ system has been in full effect in Australia now for over ten years so I went to see for myself how it works and if the clients were happy with it.

After seeing it action and going over the microbiologist testing I got in touch with Jay and Brodie From Cellar Control international. From that, “Dispense Worx” and “Cellar Control International” will now be partnering to offer clients the ultimate solution for beer line cleaning here in New Zealand.

With the addition of cellar control to your current system you will be able to reduce your line clean frequency. This will save you substantially in the beer being wasted every time you clean along with the time/cost that go with line cleaning.

At Dispense Worx we are always looking to be innovative and move with the times but only with proven products and the Cellar Control system has proven its value and claim.

I’m happy to say that we endorse Cellar Control and have chosen to partner with them to ensure that our clients are getting the best results for their Venues.

Phil Mason, Dispense Worx

We were introduced to CellarControl system through EcoClub as an option to reduce beer, chemical and water wastage at our venue, not only reducing our environmental impact but also saving the club time and money.

After making some enquiries, we found existing CellarControl customers raved about how well the system worked, while some industry consultants had mixed opinions.

We decided to install the system at one of our venues, as some local clubs in our area had been using the system for some time with good results.

Following a 6 month trial of the system, we were impressed with the results of the system, and decided to roll it out to our other venues. We now have 5 venues using the system, all of which have had considerable savings in beer, chemical, water and labour.

I have no hesitation in recommending the CellarControl system to any venue or EcoClub member.

We had our first Cellar Control system from Hunter Technologies installed August 2007, we now have them on all venues and add them onto every new venue.

We have noticed:

  • No negative effects on the lines
  • There is good quality beer
  • Significant savings in beer wastage, labour and chemicals.
  • Our cost savings from installing the system are far greater than the cost of the system.

We recommend the system and fell it is a great addition to any beer system given the savings that can be achieved.

Ben Stephens, Solotel Hotel Group

Upon installation of the CellarControl system, the board and staff were under strict instuctions not to mention the system to anyone, as we did not want anyones perception of the beer quality influenced in any way. After 3 months we had not received any complaints or questions in relation to changes in the beer. This was sufficient for us to proceed with the system and we have now been using it since 2009.

Like all clubs in today’s environment, we are always looking for opportunities to reduce costs and we saw the system as an opportunity save in the following areas:

  • Beer Wastage
  • Labour
  • Chemical costs
  • Water Usage

Conservatively, I estimate the savings to be 3 hours per week in labour, approximately 8 kegs per year previously wasted at cost which we can now sell and we have reduced our chemical costs to one sixth of what they were. At a minimum, we would be adding around $3000.00 to the bottom line after installation.

The Club and Board are very happy with the service and product provided by CellarControl. Our savings have helped us reduce expenses in the Club and have played a substantial part in the Club getting their cost of goods sold below 40% of income. The previous years we were operating at 50%. This saving, as well as the reduction in labour and coupled with the fact our beer quality has remained high gives us the confidence to recommend the system.

Please call if you would like to discuss the system further.

Daniel Storey, Singleton Golf Club

Having had the CellarControl system installed since 2008, we are more than happy to verify the effectiveness of the system and the cost savings we have made as a result of having the unit installed.

Obviously one of our major concerns was the effect the system would have on the quality of our beer. It is pleasing to note that our beer quality has not only been maintained, we received immediate feedback from our members that the beer tasted cleaner and was more refreshing to drink. In addition to this, we have not
had one negative comment about the taste of the beer. This was important to us, as our brewery representative had advised us this would not be the case, and after 15 months our members and guests are still more than happy with the beer quality.

In addition to the above, the system is saving us approximately 13 litres in beer wastage per week coupled with chemical and water costs associated with weekly beer line cleaning. The major saving to us however is labour, as we are now able to re-allocate approximately one and a half hours staff time per week into other areas of the business.

I would highly recommend this system to anyone who would like to save staff time and serve a cleaner, fresher tasting beer.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

We have been using the CellarControl system since 2009, and have been happy with the service provided by Hunter Technologies. Since the installation they have provided training and service by competent personnel with good industry knowledge.

The CellarControl system allows staff to be more productive, with time saved by using the CellarControl system, whilst reducing beer wastage and chemical costs. The system also has the added bonus of cutting down the environmental costs of water and wasted beer and chemicals. We are saving between 10-12 litres of beer each week and have calculated the following yearly savings:

  • Beer $800
  • Chemical Costs $500
  • Labour $1800

(The above figures are based on 2010)

Upon being introduced to the product and after speaking to others in the industry, we received a mixed reaction, with some telling us to proceed and others expressing concerns. The main concern we heard from others was that the product was not proven. We have now been using the system for over 12 months, and the beer quality has remained the same, while cleaning our beer lines every 6 weeks. We did not advise our customers of the implementation of the CellarControl and have had no complaints, and commonly get compliments of having the best beer in town. We feel that after this period of time the product is now proven and we would recommend the system be implemented into any other venue.

When considering a CellarControl installation, you will find many stakeholders will have differing opinions.

The ‘nay sayers’ debate is not supported by science and is generally without ‘first hand’ knowledge of the technology.

We can provide as much scientific data as you would like to see, however, there is nothing better than to seek out the opinion of a current user.

There are hundreds of happy CellarControl clients all around Australia (and NZ & UK), we’d be happy to put you in contact with one near you.

Phone us TODAY, you won’t be disappointed.

Kind regards, The Right Beer Team