Does the Right Beer system affect my equipment in anyway?2020-02-12T15:41:47+09:30

NO… in fact it is better for your system.

Firstly, Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner is:

  • The world’s first beer line cleaner to achieve International HAACP certification.
  • Has a 7.6pH in concentrate form and moves to pH9 when activated with hot water, safer to handle than dangerous caustics.
  • It is non-corrosive, you can soak your taps and couplers in it… in fact you will not see them any shinier.

Secondly, the CellarControl inhibitors are placed over the top of the drop leads, they do not enter the lines at all. They simply send ultrasonic signals that are not noticeable to us, into the lines, they then travel upto the taps within the liquid.

How does CellarControl save me money?2018-05-02T11:04:06+09:30

Quite simply, having to clean less frequently, saves you on beer wastage, the time it takes you to clean the lines, less chemical and water usage.

You can calculate the benefits to your venue on our calculator.

How long have CellarControl systems been in the market?2018-05-02T11:00:58+09:30

The first system was installed in 2007 and is still in place today, however, it has had a couple of upgrades.

When discussing introducing this technology into your venue, you will receive various feedback from many stakeholders. Its important to understand from what position are they coming from, do they stand to be affected financially? Have they got intimate experience with the technology? Do they have proof or evidence it doesn’t work?

We can provide you with many validations to prove the system works… but don’t just take our word for it, there are many hundreds of installations around Australia. We can put you in contact with a satisfied client to hear their views.

Do CellarControl clients clean their beer lines exactly the same way?2018-05-02T10:54:51+09:30

Most of our clients clean every 6 weeks, while others choose monthly.

Whichever cycle best suits you, the lines still need to be cleaned. The sweeping sound technology of CellarControl inhibts the growth of biofilm within the lines, however, at the 6 week mark the lines need to be cleaned to maintain the highest quality draught beer.

Some of our clients have continued to use their existing caustic cleaners, most have moved over to the very effective, safe and faster Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner.

All of our validations have occurred with the Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner.

Will CellarControl maintain or increase the quality of the beer you serve.2020-02-12T15:52:57+09:30

We are certain we will improve your beer quality, and offer a 6 months refund on the CellarControl lease if you are not absolutely satisfied.

The sweeping sound waves treats the whole beer line from keg to the back of the tap, it is designed to inhibit the growth of biofilm within your draught beer lines. It is the growth of biofilm that forms when bacteria attach to the wall lining that make the lines dirty. We are addressing the early part of the process by inhibiting the growth of the biofilm.

Whilst CellarControl treats your beer lines from the leg to the back of the beer tap, you will still be required to clean your taps and coupler. We recommend Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner, it is very effective and non-corrosive.