Tests confirm Aeris Active can kill coronavirus in under 60 seconds

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By George Tchetvertakov  - March 18, 2020 Decontamination company Aeris Environmental (ASX: AEI) has received a timely operational boost after being notified by microbiology analytics company Eurofins AMS Laboratories that its Aeris’ Active product has achieved a 99.99% bacteria kill rate after 60 seconds of contact time. The high efficiency with which the product kills bacteria [...]

Singapore lists Aeris Environmental’s Active product as effective disinfectant against coronavirus

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By  George Tchetvertakov | February 18, 2020 The coronavirus epidemic is continuing to take its toll on health authorities. Today the Singapore National Environmental Agency (NEA) notified Aeris Environmental (ASX: AEI) that its proprietary hospital-grade disinfectant Aeris Active has been added to a list of approved general products for the disinfection of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus. [...]

Baron’s driving clean tap beer technology in WA

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Right Beer Solutions is proud to announce it has partnered with Baron’s Beverage Services, who will provide exclusive installation and service support for Western Australia as a Right Beer Ambassador. Under this arrangement, Baron’s will roll out the Right Beer products and services, and its pioneering best practice in beer line cleaning, across its [...]

1 in 3 pints are dirty – UK report

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No such study has been carried out here to our knowledge... our anecdotal experience is that its probably similar here in Australia. Why is it so? Why do pubs risk selling dirty beer? Because, it is task that must be carried out regularly, often not a glamourous job... often delayed due to 'lack of [...]

Maxi-Enzyme BLC tested by International brewery testing authority

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Campden BRI in London (UK) was established in 1919 and has become the foremost provider of scientific support and technical services to the brewing industry worldwide. Maxi-Enzyme Australia Pty Ltd engaged Campden BRI to validate the efficacy of the multi-enzymatic beer line cleaner and to the best of our knowledge is the only beer [...]

Team SA expands

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Nate Scutter our Territory Manager in SA has expanded his team, welcome Ricci & Franca. They both come with a wealth of customer service background, we look forward to working with you to share our CLEANER BEER, FOR LONGER good news story. Ricci King SA Account Manager 0475 389 100 Franca Martino SA [...]

Dosing Pump example with warm water

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Maxi-Enzyme Beer Line Cleaner is very effective, efficient and safe. The key to its performance is hot water. Hot water out of the tap is generally tempered to 50°C, there are 2 components that are sensitive to warmer water within a draught beer system, FloJet beverage pumps (49°C) and chemical dosing pumps (40°C). Below is an [...]


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We have been conducting a longitudinal study of our complete Right Beer system at The Precinct, Darwin NT. The CellarControl system was installed 29th November, 2017, on the same day we took the 4 beer samples and sent to Sydney for testing... the lines were due for cleaning the following day. The venue had [...]