Baron’s driving clean tap beer technology in WA

Right Beer Solutions is proud to announce it has partnered with Baron’s Beverage Services, who will provide exclusive installation and service support for Western Australia as a Right Beer Ambassador. Under this arrangement, Baron’s will roll out the Right Beer products and services, and its pioneering best practice in beer line cleaning, across its clients in Western Australia.

Baron’s Managing Director Liam Baron explains further. “We are a proud family business, with 4 generations of involvement in the beer dispensing industry, we’re continually looking at ways to add value to our clients. We have been keeping a close eye on the Right Beer Solution for some time now. In fact, a number of our clients had the system installed, so we’ve been able to monitor the system very closely. We and our client have been very impressed with the improvement in quality and the science supports it works.”

Every publican knows that a clean beer system, with proper procedures in place, is a requirement to serve great beer. The general thinking is a weekly or fortnightly line clean is the only way to go, and these ‘best practices’ have been drummed into the minds of cellar managers everywhere for decades.

However, with preventative technologies and new ways to maintain your beer system emerging, there is a growing opinion within the industry – from venue managers to chemical companies and beer plumbers – that a new standard of practices needs to be created.

Right Beer Solutions have been working alongside industry leaders to create a new best practice – one which they claim provides a much better beer for customers, is more environmentally friendly, improves OH&S and improves a venue’s bottom line.

They have conducted dozens of bacterial tests at venues across Australia in conjunction with EcoDiagnostics – an accredited food and beverage testing company, based in Welshpool. The results show a dramatic improvement in beer quality following the introduction of their practices.

Managing Director Geoff Barber explains the test results, before and after implementation of their practices. “The results indicate very high wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria counts at two weeks since the last line clean, with a two-week cleaning cycle common among venues. The aim for exceptional tap beer quality is to achieve as close to zero counts as possible, our system achieves this with a 6 weekly cleaning frequency”.

“Our Right Beer Solution encompasses inhibiting of bacterial build-up, safe and effective cleaning, scheduled reminders, frequency and best practice guidelines. It’s our view this is the safest and the most effective way to achieve and maintain exceptional quality tap beer.”

“Both CellarControl and Maxi-Enzyme are our key technologies, both are fantastic Australian designed products, providing a 21st Century solution to tap beer quality, whilst improving profitability and OH&S.”

Liam Baron agrees sees Right Beer Solutions as the future of beer line cleaning. He added; “Right Beer Solution is not a single technology on its own. It’s a combination of a safe HACCP certified multi-enzymatic cleaner, the 24/7 sonic pulses of CellarControl, the regular cleaning of accessories, cool room, and its complying with a frequency guideline. We feel it is the future of beer line cleaning and are proud to endorse it”.

Easily retrofitted in the cool room, Right Beer Solutions provides prevention to bacterial build-up within your beer system, provides for safe and effective cleaning practices whilst improving tap beer quality and a reduction in beer, labour and water wastage.

Find out more at or call 1300 760 450 and Baron’s at or call 1300 893 705

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